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Director's Message


For the past fifty years, Yekom Consulting Engineers has always been at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction in water related projects. Being recognized for our solid experienced and talented engineers. we are proud of this reputation and strive to advance our brand through continuous improvements and enhancing our existing national and international partnerships as well as examining new opportunities.
Today, water resources engineering has a pivotal role in both social and economic welfare of all societies. Current challenges in Zayandehrood, Karkheh, Sefidrood, Lake Urmia, and Aras Water Basins show the importance of water related issues in Iran. At the same time, similar challenges could be observed in other parts of the world like Hariroud, Helmand. and Nile Water Basins and also developing countries located in Africa and Central Asia. This is in addition to the climate and environmental challenges that the world is facing now.
In recent years. huge improvements have been achieved in water efficiency, flood management techniques, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and industrialized agriculture relying on advanced hydroelectric power plants. All these improvements call for the growing role of engineering consultants at the core of the decision-making process, and it is our pleasure to state that, on that front, Yekom offers the best solutions.
As one of the top consulting firms in Iran, Yekom always implement the latest business processes and management strategies to establish trust and enhance customer satisfaction. With no doubt, quality of service is at the forefront of our successful business model, and we expect our partners to tollow the same. As we expand turther into various markets through our domestic and international partnership, our management would ensure the best outcome for our valuable customers.
Yekom Consulting Engineers, with half a century of experience in offering the best management and technology solutions in water and wastewater related projects, make great efforts to enhance its customer relationship, drive innovation and promote creative solutions to address industry needs. This is our mission, and the key to our success.

Farzad Hedayati – Managing Director


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