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River Engineering

River Engineering

Since its early years of establishment, Yekom has been involved in several river related projects. Escalation of destructive impacts of floods, soil erosion due to land-use change, riverbanks encroachments, and riverbeds sand and gravel mining are the main challenges that should be resolved for many rivers. In addition, the transboundary rivers and the related international disputes are always complicated issues for governments. Yekom has been involved in investigating and designing solutions to these kinds of problems.

Experiences and efforts of the past three decades have enabled Yekom professionals to work on international river engineering projects including transboundary river training, in which the contrasts between the territorial or international rights and river engineering technical issues were among the crucial challenges.


Yekom offers engineering and advisory services in the following subjects:

  • Stabilization of river course and embankment
  • Conservation of the embankment and river bank against erosion
  • Reclamation of the eroded land due to change in river course
  • Flood control and river fringe area protection against flood
  • River right of way delineation and flood risk zoning
  • Biological stabilization of the coasts and rivers
  • Developing forecasting systems and flood alert
  • Preservation of sea coasts, ports, lakes, designation of harbors
  • Drafting regulations and obligations for navigation and shipping along the river
  • Construction supervisionof river trainings and bed stabilization plans, flood control plans, and marine constructions

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