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Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

The issues of water supply engineering have always been major challenges around the world. Since Iran is

located in an arid- to semi-arid zone, construction of dams, weirs, qanats, and irrigation networks have been inevitable for the development of country during its history.

Water Resources Engineering, as one of the main fields of Yekom services, has had a special place in our agenda and has highly contributed to our study and development activities in water projects.

Services provided in this field may be categorized as follows:

  • 1. Water Resources Baseline Studies
    • Meteorology and climatology
    • Hydrology and hydrogeology
    • Geology and geo-techniques
    • GIS services in water resources
    • Soil investigation, soil classification, and land suitability
    • Surface and groundwater quality and quantity
  • 2. Water Resources Engineering
    • Hydraulic systems design and water resources allocations
    • Water transmission systems considering energy conservation
    • Ground water recharge systems
    • Land reclamation and rehabilitation for various purposes
    • Flood way design and flood control in urban and non-urban areas
    • Water resources monitoring systems design

Our multidisciplinary professional team includes experts of civil engineering, water resources, irrigation, agronomy, hydrology, hydrogeology, water resources management, and environmental specialists.

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