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Water Supply and Sewerage

Water Supply and Sewerage

There are many communities suffering from lack of potable water and sanitary sewage disposal in developing and under developed countries. To date, a safe potable water supply and effective sewerage system is required for all communities.

Moreover, many older cities face severe problems with aging water supply and sewerage networks, requiring changes. Water and Wastewater offices in most urban areas seek services to help solve the new range of water problems as well as appropriate type of sewage disposal and treatment.

Yekom has accomplished various projects such as water and wastewater networks and treatment plants, pumping stations for water and wastewater, transmission pipelines, collection and disposal of surface water and wastewater in rural and urban areas as well as industrial complexes and reuse of treated effluent.

Having long experience in water supply and sewerage projects, Yekom offers engineering and advisory services for the full spectrum of water supply and sewerage issues in urban and rural areas.These services include intake structure from various water bodies, transmission pipelines, and water distribution networks. In sewage sector, we offer sewerage collection network design and treatment plants, considering all environmental and sanitary regulations.

Our disciplinary team in this sector includes civil, hydraulic, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, water quality scientists, regulatory specialists, and environmental scientists.

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