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Irrigation and Drainage

Irrigation and Drainage

Irrigation and drainage are among the major services provided by Yekom since 1970’s. Yekom has undertaken study, design, and supervision of large irrigation networks all over Iran in the past 40 years. Today, we are proud of fulfilling the study and design of over 400,000 ha of main irrigation and drainage networks in Iran. These activities include design of the main and lateral irrigation and drainage networks, land renovation, and on-farm development.

Yekom has also been successful in rendering services to international projects, with remarkable achievements. These include a wide range of services related to the main and lateral irrigation networks, preparation of final design, and tender documents as well as detail design and shop drawings.


The ranges of services given in this discipline are as follows:

  • Design of diversion structures, headworks and/or river diversion outlets
  • Design of conveyance intake canals, tunnels, flumes and water transmission pipelines
  • Study and detail design of main and lateral irrigation network and related structures
  • Study and design of pressurized irrigation systems such as sprinkler, drip, and bubbler irrigation
  • Design of farms in consistent with land cadaster maps and ownerships
  • On-farm development works in agricultural areas
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of irrigation schemes
  • Stakeholders’ participation in water use and irrigation planning
  • Institutional development to enhance the role of water user’s group for irrigation management
  • Subsurface drainage design and soil leaching
  • Runoff collecting system design of flood plains and surface drainage
  • Our experts help the clients in getting more crop per drop

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