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Quality Management System

Yekom has always considered the concept of Quality Management System (QMS) for undertaking the projects of engineering services and constantly adopted the approach of improving quality by the means of employing different tools.

Adopting Information Technology (IT), employing experienced and skilled human resources, utilizing computers, internet and intranet, GIS and etc are the main tools for QMS. However, as it has been indicated by the previous experiments, management plays a decisive role in the success of an organization. In consulting organizations, such as Yekom, the role of management to achieve quality goals and to gain clients’ satisfaction is very fundamental.

Thus, in an attempt to get the client’s satisfaction and profitability, adopting a scientific management approach based on modern systems deems compolsary.To enhance qualitative and quantitative level of projects in Yekom, it is required to develop knowledge of management in all dimensions.

Since 1997, the above policy has been the manifest of senior managers wich led to formation of quality management organizational culture. The responsibility of Quality System was delegated to a newly established office of the Quality Management Bureau.

Later, development and extension of this bureau resulted in establishing IT & Management Development Department.

Achievements of Quality Management System

The first and most important step for improving process is detection of the improvable functions. The processes which have taken place over the time of establishment of the Quality Management System in Yekom are as following :

  • Detectioon of improvable functions of the organization considering the internal and third party auditing and self-evaluations
  • Preparing the ground for development market of engineering services
  • Detection of improvable functions of the organization considering the outcome of monitoring and measurement of the processes including client, employee and suppliers satisfaction
  • Detection of improvable functions of the projects considering the physical and cost based status report
  • Initiation and encouraging of systematic challenges among managers and staff
  • Initiation and dissemination of systematic work culture in different layers of organization
  • Initiation and encouraging of the team work culture within the organization through activation of quality committees such as: CFM, QCT, HRM, IT and instructing to solve systematic issues
  • Initiation of action plans subsequent to the detection of improvable functions
  • Improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of organizational processes through supervision of action plans
  • Initiation and dessimination of organizational democracy and strengthening organizational relations
  • Compile and make transparent the responsibilities professions related to quality
  • Enhance the consistency of filing system in the engineering departments
  • Enhance filing system for IT records
  • Enhance profession level of staff by the means of systematic training
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of engineering services


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