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Water Transmission

Water Transmission

Yekom has been providing engineering services for large scale water transmission schemes during the past 25 years. These include intakes from lakes, reservoirs large channels, large diameter pipelines, open flumes, water tunnels, pumping plants as well as electro power networks and transformer stations.

More than 100 pumping stations have been designed and constructed by our firm ranging from 2 to 36 cubic meters per second of capacity. Two pumping stations with a capacity of 36 CMS have been erected for Sugar Cane Industrial Complexes in Khuzistan, Iran, intake water from the Karun River. Numerous pumping stations have been designed and constructed for pressurized irrigation purposes in Moghan and Idogmoush area in Iran and Homs and Hama area in Syria.

Moreover, Yekom has been providing management consultancy and contract management services for the large scale water transmission schemes from Persian Gulf to a few mining industrial zones located in central and southeastern provinces of Iran. They include a 735km pipeline system with diameters of 1600 and 1400 mm in addition to 12 pumping stations. A total annual volume of 350 MCM will be desalinated at Persian Gulf seaside and lifted to an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level.

Our multidisciplinary professional team of water transmission services includes hydraulics, mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil, structure, instrumentation, telemetry, and material engineers. Our world class professionals provide practical innovations that integrate client needs with cost efficient solutions.

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